Steps for Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

Writing a paper can be a challenging, yet a very rewarding experience. You can convey your passions in a way that will influence others to read about the topic or gain interest in your argument. You can also make readers think about something that they have never thought about before. With that being said a good paper starts with a great structure for said paper. This article will offer you tips on writing the standard 5 paragraph essay.

Let it first be noted that this sort of paper is the standard structure, though not the only one in use today. To start your paper off you will need an introductory paragraph. This paragraph seeks to get your audience excited and involved with what you are going to dish out in your essay. The program should encompass a lot. It should not only include your thesis statement, but it should also touch on your main ideas, and carry a great hook. After you have tackled your introduction it is time to move on to the body of your paper.

The first paragraph of your body should put forth your strongest argument about the given topic. It should be the starting point that will influence the likes of the rest of the work. It is common that the first sentence in this paragraph contains what is called a reverse hook. The topic should also be contained within this paragraph, and should exist within the first few sentences. Remember that all topics should relate to the thesis statement included in the introductory paragraph.

The second paragraph in the body should contain your second best argument, and should be an easy progression from the first topic. Again your topic for the paragraph should relate to the thesis and be located within the first few sentences of the paragraph. The third paragraph should contain your third best argument. This topic should easily transition from the second paragraph and be logically placed. At the end of the paragraph you should include a hook that transitions to the conclusion. The conclusion is merely a summary of the topics you have discussed, and your thesis statement. Be sure to leave out the fluff when addressing the conclusion. Stick to the point, and be short in your writing as to not overdo it.

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