Homework Made Simple: Useful Piece Of Advice For College Students

During college, every students are required to complete a certain number of credits. This involves writing up numerous papers and completing various assignments. For those of you who are preparing to enter college or are having difficulties in completing your homework, here are some advices for you:


The most reasonable place to start with, of course, is to come up with a plan to complete all your work. This is not just simply completing the homework in the least amount of time possible. You should pace yourself correctly to prevent burning out, while remaining productive for as long as needed.


Research your topic, and the ways to complete them in high quality. Knowing the basic concepts might be easy, but your work is evaluated based on your ability in connecting the different dots together and make a coherent argument. Therefore, other than knowing the topic, you should build up your personal database, knowing what readings are relevant.

Draw up research plan

Once you are confident that you have done enough reading, it is best that you come up with a research plan. This should be between 500-1000 words long, highlighting your key points in your work and the key readings you will use. You should then bring your research plan with you and consult the teacher or lecturer that is responsible for this assignment. Discuss with them to see what are the weaknesses of your piece and make necessary amendments afterwards.


You can then write up your paper. Make sure you have supported your arguments with reliable academic references and make note of what you have used in a bibliography. Do not simply copy and paste from your sources. To prevent plagiarism, it is best to paraphrase and reference the arguments you have taken from other authors.


Once you are done writing your paper, have a read yourself. See if all your arguments are logical and have a good flow to it. Should you require it, you can always ask your friends or families to help.

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Proofread, spell check

Proofreading your work and making sure that you do not have any spelling mistakes are equally important. Bad grammar and spelling will turn your marker away, no matter how well your argument was presented. Use a proofreader will always help improving your English.

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