Homework Guidelines For High School Students: How To Stop Wasting Your Time

When you get to high school, the amount of homework that you are responsible for doing almost triples. That is because you usually are taking several core classes at the same time and the teachers don’t always coordinate their assignments very well. There are some ways for you to stay ahead of the eight ball so that you are not wasting your time trying to get it done.

Homework is designed to get you to practice the concepts that you are learning about in class. Therefore, if you don’t do the homework on time, you are really not letting it serve its purpose. You likely have other things that are going on and you need to find the best ways to get it all done. Here are some guidelines for getting your homework completed.

  1. Use a planner
  2. Professionals use planners to make sure that they don’t forget special meetings or other important things they need to complete. Get into the habit now of writing things down that you have to do. Make sure that you mark when you test is coming up so that you are stuck studying for it the night before and write all of your assignments down so that you can make sure that they get completed.

  3. Take notes in class
  4. You should take notes in class. Even if you think that you understand how to do something, when you get home, it could be a totally different subject. You can avoid that time spent figuring it out by just taking notes on the information that you learn.

  5. Organize time
  6. Make sure that you organize your time efficiently so that everything is done and you still have time to sleep. If you have an essay due in a week, don’t wait six days to start it. Write a little each day until it is complete.

  7. Tackle harder projects first
  8. It is best to tackle the hardest assignments first so that when you start to get tired, you only have to deal with the easy stuff.

  9. Create a work space
  10. Create a quiet and clutter free spot to work in. It should be a desk and not your bed. It should be stocked with everything you may need to complete your assignments as well. Just be prepared and work in a spot free of distractions.

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