Vital Things to Know for Finding Science Homework Help Online for Free

The internet is a wonderful world of information and knowledge, but sometimes that wonderful world, can be place of sketchy information.  When turning to the internet for online homework help; finding the right sites and sources of information is very necessary in order to complete the homework.  When it comes to finding the help online, parents and students need to be extremely careful, because along with knowledge and information, the internet can have pitfalls. When finding online science homework help keep the following things in mind.

Tips for Finding Help Online

  • Don’t trust all dot com sites.   Most websites that have the best free online help are dot gov or dot org sites.  But while I suggest relying on the sites that not corporations, not all of the dot com sites are bad.  There are many that have been made to help students.  Just look over the website.
  • Find websites that are made for students.  There are many websites (no matter what the domain) that are made specifically to help kids with their homework.  Doing a simple search can find these sites.  
  • Don’t use Wikipedia.  No matter what the assignment, never use Wikipedia.  While it’s a great place to look up your favorite actor, athlete, or artist; it is never the place to find out academic information.
  • Compare the information you find online, to what you have in your textbook.  If you find a source that says the sky is green, compare it to the textbook, which will say it’s blue.  You’ll know that whatever the source is, is unreliable.  So you know you can’t trust it to be a helpful for solving your homework problems.
  • Find websites that focus on the scientific topic you are needing help with.  If you can find specific information about the homework assignment they you can get the help you need.  
  • If possible, find an interactive website.  If there is a help center, or hotline to call, when you have a question you can turn to a specific resource. You have the information online, but then as a secondary source, someone to talk to you through it.

While these tips, are helpful sometimes you have to go with your gut.  If the online sources doesn’t seem on the up and up.  Finding the help you need online isn’t a hard thing, you just need to find the sources that will help you, not hinder you.

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