Essay writing tips how to sort arguments into paragraphs

In order to make a good argument in your essay, it needs to be organized in a clear and concise fashion. If your evidence and arguments are scattered, it takes away from the credibility of the point that you are trying to make. Here are three tips that will help you sort your arguments into paragraphs.

Outlines Are a Must

Outlines are an essential part of the argumentative writing process. Without them, it can be difficult staying on track during your drafting phase. By the time you reach the final writing step, it will be more difficult to view your writing with an objective eye, which means more errors are going to seep through. Create an effective outline organizing your points and supportive facts together and it will help you to stay on track.

One Paragraph, One Topic

When you begin transforming the points of your outline into paragraphs, tackle just one at a time. Make your paragraph in a mini essay. Make sure that your thesis statement matches the topic sentence (the first sentence) of the paragraph in some way. It may answer the importance of the argument, or one of your main key ideas. Regardless of the content, make sure that all of the supporting evidence corresponds directly with the topic sentence. Avoid going off track to prove your point, because you can always write another paragraph and transition the two.

Answer a Question

The key to a good argument is to try and figure out how an opposing audience would argue with the point that you are trying to make. Ask yourself questions about your content, such as who, what, where, when, and why. Start out with your strongest point, or start out with why the topic is important in general. Once your reader gets started, you want to keep them intrigued. If you wait to make your most important point until the end, you may be disappointed if your reader doesn’t make it that far.

The key to a clear argument is clarity. If your essay does not follow a particular outline, your reader will either become lost, confused, or will not be convinced of the credibility of the writer. The outline is the most important tool that you can use for developing your essay, because it will help you to stay on track. Make sure that all of your points follow your topic sentence, and that you do not wander off subject. Make your strongest point your first point, because your reader will be enticed to continue reading.

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