Accountability refers to answerability, liability, blameworthiness as well as the prospect of account-giving. In nursing profession therefore, accountability as stated within the code of ethics explains what nurses are entitled to and the consequences of their actions. In this case, patients are aware of their decisions to take legal actions against individual professionals. A nurse is held responsible for all actions where if anything is not right, the nurse in question will be approached for the purpose of finding possible solutions for problems if need be and handling the situation in general. When nurses perform various actions, they take responsibility for those tasks as well as their outcomes.

There are various categories of people to whom nurses are accountable to. These categories are: patients, employers, profession and the public. A nurse is accountable to the patient through a duty of being concerned which is underpinned by an obligation to support efficiency and safety and legal duty through civil decree. Accountability to the employer is defined by the indenture of employment and description of the job. The details in this case include what was agreed during the interview, the terms of employment and signed documents to show that the nurse has agreed to everything. Accountability to the profession is seen in terms of adhering to all set rules and regulations, upholding and improving competence and professional knowledge. It is also seen in terms of acknowledging the limitations in competence and knowledge and declining any responsibility unless one is able to perform it in a skilled manner and safe place.

For nurses to be accountable to their profession, they need to be accountable to themselves too. This is done by keeping a diary which is reflective. Keeping this diary is a way of accounting to one self’s actions and thoughts which helps in questioning and improving the quality of concern provided. There is need for recognizing and balancing a variety of points of view on what makes up adequate standards of care. This is to make certain that effective services are provided and that patients receive what they deserve. It is therefore the responsibility of every nurse to undertake all activities having in mind that there are consequences which are faced and dealt with individually. This helps to make them carry out their duties effectively in order to satisfy their clients and avoid getting into trouble which poses a risk to their professional position.

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