What is a Case Study Paper: Tips and Prompts

A case study is commonly completed by professionals and academic students. They are done in various fields to help understand changes and progress made. They may lead to developing new solutions or help to raise awareness about what needs attention. They can be written in different ways but there are basic guidelines they follow to get the information presented in a logical manner. The following points can give insight on how to proceed in creating a case study paper.

  • You can create a template or use a template already created at DoMyHomework123.com to help you structure your content. This may be known to some as an outline, but it has similar concepts since it helps you organize your findings prior to writing the study.
  • When a case study is written it should identify early on in the content what the problem or main idea behind it is. This is basically giving insight on why the study was completed.
  • When working to explore your theory or problem, you should collect as much information as possible. You want to study different aspects related to it such as related causes, the outcome or effect and other background information about the problem.
  • There is a section that should detail a solution. Since you have explored the problem you can provide a potential solution to help give more understanding or highlight a need. You may detail what methods helped you come up with the solution to resolve the issue.
  • The study was aimed at whom and how did they benefit? You work to provide benefits for why the study was done and what came from it.
  • A common approach used for case studies includes presenting an example and then helping others learn how they can apply what they learned. Depending on who the study was aimed at or which specific group of people, they may be able to learn from the example if it related to them and how they work to solve their own problem or contribute to the solution.
  • Case studies often use statistical facts to help make solid points. This means reputable sources should be used. This type of data also helps include (show the effect) the reader into the equation if they are considered part of the group the study was intended for.
  • Sometimes photos are used to help provide more clarity.
  • Proofread and edit final content.

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