How To Hire An Assignment Writer

Hiring an assignment writer is a multistep process. If you adhere to strict guidelines, you can bolster the outcome of your research paper, term paper, essay or dissertation. Assignment writing is substantially different from articles, blogs, and other forms of informal content. The following list details the distinctions between informal web content, and academic assignments:

  • Academic assignments have a scholarly quality to them, while blogs and articles are geared toward a different audience
  • Academic assignments have an overarching thesis, and require a well-researched methodology and numerous sources. Blogs and articles simply have a topic.
  • Academic assignments must adhere to an instructor’s guidelines, or rubric. For articles and blogs, there is no grading rubric.

How To Hire An Assignment Writer

As you can see, an assignment writer must approach the content differently than a conventional article or blog writer. If you are desperately seeking a high quality assignment writer, just following these steps:

  1. First, post an ad or job with specific criteria. For instance, you may consider posting, “Seeking highly experienced, academically trained assignment writer. Duties will include composing a 12 page, well researched term paper. Must adhere to guidelines and be ok with submitting revisions. Please submit writing samples and resume.” You should only resort to using such an ad if you are hiring an individual freelancer yourself. Alternatively, there are assignment writing companies that have pre-selected writers on hand, and they have already done the hiring and screening process for you. In these situations, you should still safeguard yourself, and determine if that writer is appropriate for you.
  2. After this step is completed, offer a trial period to this individual, and request samples. This will allow them to exercise their writing skills, according to the criteria that you give them. Look for quality, originality, excellent grammar and word usage, and superb researching skills. For academic assignments, this writer should also demonstrate the adept capacity for logical reasoning and original, nuanced ideas.
  3. Once the trial period has passed, you can then present them with the assignment, guidelines and rubric, etc. You may find it useful to give them the research sources that they need to complete the assignment. Otherwise, simply allow them to conduct the research themselves.
  4. Requesting an initial draft is useful, as it will allow you to gauge their writing style, and help you probe any potential mistakes or inconsistencies in their writing. Always ensure that their style is akin to yours (so that it appears natural) and that it adheres strictly to the guidelines discussed.

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