Where To Find Answers To Your Math Homework Assignments

Rather than procrastinate or simply leave your mathematics assignments undone, here is a list of sources you can go to for help:

Your math teacher

This should be the first place you look because if your teacher has taught properly, you should not be experiencing much difficulty in getting your assignment done. There are exceptions of course. Sometimes the person at fault is you because you failed to pay attention or you dozed off deliberately. In such cases the teacher may not want to help you because your behavior was disrespectful. If however you genuinely tried and still do not understand, he or she may be willing to take some extra time and explain how the work is done.

Your classmates

While a teacher may be willing to explain the assignment, classmates will sometimes let you copy their answers wholesale. This is generally a bad practice because it trains you to get worse and worse at the subject over time. Instead of taking that route, ask for explanations to go along with any help you receive.

Paid tutors

If you can afford to hire a tutor you may be able to experience significant increases in your test scores and assignment grades in very little time. A good tutor will discover your weak points and target them specifically so that you become a stronger student overall. Your homework issues will disappear and you may even find yourself providing help to students who still struggle.

The back of the text book

Granted, not every textbook is structured like this but many were designed to facilitate self study. As a result, the back of the text may be dedicated to answers to the questions that were posed within. This solution is far from perfect because there are no accompanying workings. Handing in a correct answer with nothing that shows how it was derived is likely to set off warning bells in any teacher’s mind.

Search engines

Depending on the mathematical sub-field that your homework comes from this will either breathtakingly simple or it will not help you at all. Geometry for instance is very image based which makes it harder to type words in and receive an answer in the format you desire. Still it is a method with merit in some other cases.

Use these sources wisely so they do not become crutches that stop you from progressing.

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