Free Online Statistics Homework Help: How to Avoid Frauds

Looking for online help with your statistics homework, you will find many websites and links purporting to be your friend-in-need. Although most of the adverts and links are perfectly viable options, there are those that are out to make a buck taking advantage of your homework dilemma. It can be quite a shock for a student to learn that the help they got free was not credible or correct. Alternatively, to find out that the money they paid has bought them nothing but rehashed or even plagiarized work.

The problem is that these websites are not doing anything “illegal,” even if they are useless, shady, overpriced, or fake. They shrewdly make you sign the agreement in small print, knowing perfectly well that no one ever reads such stuff.

To avoid becoming a victim to fraud:

  • Ask around to find out if someone among your acquaintances may have used such a service before you. This will save you precious time and quite a lot of energy, as you will have at least one or two reliable names. Even if someone you know had been duped by an online agency, you will have a name you can blacklist right away. Win-win all the way
  • Avoid anything that sounds a bit too generous, offering too much for too little, or free of cost. Chances are that the product they are selling is not up to the par. What they gain out of giving you free access to their showcase are your contact details. Get ready for marketing galore in your email’s inbox.
  • Do not fall for empty slogan or promises. Call the agency at least once to ascertain that they really exist and ask many questions. Prepare a list beforehand so that you do not forget one of the important ones: Where is the agency located? Who are the “professionals” they hire to serve you? What are their policies in deadlines and revisions?
  • Visit students’ forums online to get information about various agencies you chanced upon during your search. There is no better advice than user advice.
  • Visit reputable websites and blogs to see whom they suggest as the best in the game. Good bloggers are unlikely to have taken money for a good word about something below par.
  • Do NOT pay before you are dead certain about your choice. There is no way back once you have paid the fees.

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