Tips for college freshmen: building the essay draft

Writing an essay: how to cope with procrastination?

Assignments on essays and other academic papers can put a freshmen student in a big trouble. Unclear topic, a lot of requirements, personal dislike of writing – all of these can make completing a simple assignment a true hell. Most of the students choose the procrastination as a way-out of this situation and leave the complicated paper for the last night before the due date. We will teach you how to avoid this and how to make the writing quick and easy.

Why shall we write essay drafts?

A lot of students want to get rid of their assignments as soon as possible and find writing drafts (especially several) completely unnecessary. Some tend to write the draft as a short version after the paper is already completed. This is not quite a correct approach. An essay draft is a very important part of the paper, which helps you to structure your thoughts and materials, choose the correct point of view, write basic scheme, which you will further develop in a full paper. Revising your draft will make you think on what is right and what is wrong and what you shall change to receive the highest possible grade.

Preparing to write a draft.

Here are a few steps we advise you to take if it is hard for you to make yourself study:

  1. Plan. Start with assigning yourself one specific day to start the paper and follow it without any possible excuses.
  2. Create a working environment. Choose a place where nobody will bother you (either your home or library), eliminate the possible distractions. Print out and/or organize all the notes from class, readings, sources you will base on.
  3. Start writing general ideas. Pick a piece of paper and write down everything that comes in mind regarding your topic. Brainstorm. Think of every possible approach. This way it is much easier to choose what you want to write about.
  4. Create the main body. It is always easier to start directly from the first paragraph, leaving the introduction for later, when you exactly know what your paper is about. Divide the main body into paragraphs.
  5. Decide how to introduce your paper. Think about the possible audience and how to attract their attention.
  6. Write a conclusion. One more time give the general idea on what your paper is about and the main ideas it contains.

Finding a few hours for your paper some day is much easier than stressing about it on the last night, isn’t it?

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