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Many students attending university look for help when writing papers and once completed someone to proofread their work. Other than going to your Professor, who may not always be available, there are some options in your University, such as the Library or Writing Resource Centre, however you may be away or unable to visit these places.

There are many websites on the internet that offer homework help, and that can proofread your work and correct any mistakes.

If you are writing a history paper and looking for some help, there are many places on the internet where you can look. You will have the choice between professional companies, where you will probably need to pay, to send in your paper and have it checked by professionals. There are also companies available which will offer an experienced writer, using your guidance, to write your work or dissertation for you. This will always come with a fee, and check that it is not a scam. The other kinds of websites available are forum like sites, where you can post asking for help, or for someone to proofread your work.

Writing a history paper

  • First make sure you know and completely understand what you want to write about, and which points you want to cover. Once you have this, make sure you research as much as you can from different sources such as the library or internet databases, along with referring to your notes from your lectures. Make sure you have enough evidence that proves your thesis, or argument, as evidence is crucial when writing history papers.  
  • Then do your introductory paragraph which is important as it is a first impression. So in your first paragraph, address the question or title of the paper, show your understanding of it, and then break it in to small points which you will cover in the rest of the paper.
  • With the next paragraphs, which will be the main section of the paper, make sure each paragraph has a topic sentence and that you cover each point you want to make, backed up by evidence.
  • End the essay with your final paragraph which will be the conclusion.  Sum up all points that you made and come up with the verdict.

This will be your first draft. Every student must check their paper a few times. Go back to the top and read, make sure everything makes sense and you are covering all points you wanted to. Change anything that isn’t right. Make sure you don’t just settle for it sounding average, keep working at it until it is the best you can do. It will be unique because every person is different.

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