Summary of Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes is a fictional novel that has received credit from all over the world as well as even receiving awards for its eminent contribution to American works for young adults. This novel has gone ahead and has been modified to a film. This is a novel that is filled with twists and turns, and it completely ends in the most unsuspecting way.

Holes is a novel that has many characters. The main character Stanley is a young boy who comes from a family that is said to have earned a curse after his grandfather failed to keep his promise to his lover Madame Zeroni. His grandfather wanted to marry Zeroni, but later found out that she would not make to be a good wife. This novel is ultimately set in a region which is said to be full of curses. This is also explained by the fact that Kate Barlow a character in the novel kills a fellow character, and after she leaves the town, the river dries up. This incidence scares many of them, and they flee to another place where afterwards Kate returns. She is pursued down by some of her pupils who force her to reveal the hideout of the treasure. Kate refuses to cooperate with her pupils, but later dies after she is bit by a lizard.

Stanley the central character is accused of a crime that he happens to have not committed and gets to pay for it. He is told to choose an option from two existing ones. He was either to go camping green lake which was a detention camp, or jail. Stanley chose to go to this detention camp where the warden was most feared. Here in the detention camp, Stanley is told to dig holes with an aim of finding the treasure that Kate Barlow had left behind. Stanley is helped by his friend Zero whom he had tracked for long an aspect that also led him to escape from the camp in search of him. The warden uses these inmates to dig holes with a motive that he will find the treasure. Stanley and his friend dig up holes and at last finds the treasure. The two friends later find out that the treasure was stolen from Stanley’s grandfather. The story ends with Stanley and zero being rich an aspect that they deserved.

This novel is one that is very inspiring. Amidst the troubles that Stanley finds, he still has hope that the truth will prevail. After this, they live happily and clear their curses. This novel is an inspiration as it clearly gives hope to those who have lost hope. Amidst every challenge, there is hope. This is a novel that each young adult should read with a motive to increase their vision and hope.

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