3 tips for writing literature homework projects for college

When it comes to writing literature projects for college homework, some students don’t know where to begin. For this reason we have compiled some tips and advice that will help along the way. Here are 3 tips for writing literature homework projects for college:

  • Create a compelling title and focus on your theme
  • No, we’re not talking about a title page; we mean the actual title of the essay you are creating. When thinking of a title for your literature homework essay, make sure it is unique but still relates to the overall theme.

    In terms of your theme, you’ll need to make sure you stay in correlation with it. Since literary papers are usually rather long, it can become hard for college students to remain focused on the theme. A good way to go about this is to clearly state your theme in your introductory paragraph, and then associate the body with it. If you catch yourself going off track, it’s good to revert back to the introduction and renew your argument that pertains to the theme.

  • Remain confident in your abilities
  • It is important to remain confident in your abilities regardless what type of college project you are doing. Every essay you write requires you to prove that your ideas are correct, or at least plausible. To do so you generally need to reference the piece of literary work that you are trying to analyze. When doing this, make sure you choose your words wisely – remember the stronger, the better. In other words, rather than using weak transitions such as “I believe” or “I think”, use ones like “It’s clear that…”, “This shows”, “As you can see from this…” and so on.

  • Analyze the literary work properly
  • Since the heart of any literary paper is an analysis, you’ll need to be sure you are analyzing properly. After all, if you aren’t analyzing the work, you will simply be explaining the plot. However, by pulling evidence from the writing, you’re able to analyze what it means, its structure and tone. Be very clear and specific. A good piece of advice is to place the quote in your paragraph, and then begin to break it down in front of your audience. It’s a good idea to explore character relationships, and even multiple meanings when you find contradictory ones. Just bear in mind that your paper is to explore the topic, not prove it!

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