How to Help Your Kids Do Homework Efficiently

Children do not want to do homework when they have just finished a full day at school. And this sentiment is understandable. The younger a child is, the more help the child will need with his or her homework. There are a few things you can do to help your child complete his or her homework in an efficient fashion. Help your child learn how to schedule, make sure your child gets the necessary breaks, and understand that doing your child’s homework benefits no one.

Scheduling Tips and Teaching Your Child to Schedule

Children are not born with knowledge of how to juggle projects and time in an efficient way. Time management is a skill that is developed. As your child progress through his or her early years of school, do your self a favor and teach them how to use a planner and how to use a desk cleaner. This is a life long and quite necessary skill.

Breaks During Homework Time are Necessary

When you child arrives home from a long day at school, make sure they have some play or snack time before they start homework. Once they begin, younger children need breaks every thirty minutes and older children (Fifth Grade and above) need breaks every hour. If the child works beyond the recommended work time without a break, the odds are great that the work quality will suffer some.

Do Not Do Your Child’s Hoemwork

Is it acceptable to aid your child in their work, but do not do the work for them. When you do the homework for your child you are teaching them that dishonesty and taking shortcuts are acceptable means to an end. These are not lessons you want to teach your child. It is better to have the work go uncompleted than for you to actually do the work for your child. This is a bad habit that you will not want to start.

There are thousands of tips for being efficient when doing homework. Your child needs to know what type of learner he or she is, what type of study environment best works for them, and at what rate they usually complete the work. The three ways you, as a parent can help your child work efficiently, is to Make sure they get the correct breaks, make sure they learn time management, and to not do your child’s homework for them.

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